Who We Are

Recruitment: pre-screened and recruited seasonal workers for fish processing factories
Training: trained new workers on all positions: head cutting machine operation, fish cleaning and cutting, klipfish (splitting) machine operation, vacuuming, fish salting, spine separation, packing, etc.)
Supervision: effectively managed the team, ensured quality of work and production, of facilities cleanliness and equipment; provided oversight of grading, paletting, and packing, enforced work and safety rules and procedures.
Driving:  operated forklift, unloaded raw fish from boats, unloaded salt, loaded pallets of salted fish on boats, etc.
Scheduling: scheduled daily hours of workers that comply with local requirement, ensured the best match of people to the task.
Support:  provided ongoing communication and support between managers and workers, dealt with discipline on and off work, allocated accommodation, resolved various work-related issues.

Where We Work

Why to use our personnel rent service

IT’S EASY: Just let us know your key positions. We work with you to understand the needs and find the best solution.
QUALITY: We will find qualified personnel at an optimal cost.
INDIVIDUALIZED APPROACH: Recruitment before the season or during the season, in case of a sudden increase in workload.
GUARANTEE: employees might get sick, an accident might happen or any other potential reasons) or you don’t like to work with the candidate/employee, we replace him or her in the shortest time possible.

Simple solutions to complex problems

Our Experience

Certified in:
· HACCP Training (Level 3)
· ALcontrol Laboratories Swabbing Techniques Training
· Internal Audit for BRC standards
· First Aid at Work
· Chemical Titration (trained to use Alkaline and QAC)
· Manual Handling
· Control of Legionella in Open Cooling Systems
· Legionellla and Legionnaires Disease Awareness Training
· Working in Spaces

Our team

Production manager

Languages: LT, RU, NO
Andrej Pavlovič
+370 613 89 993


Languages: LT, ENG
Lukas Simaška
+354 774 4384

Office Manager

Languages: LT, ENG
Mantas Gustys
+354 764 2258


Languages: IS
Einar Oddur Sigurðsson
+354 517 5080

ISL Verk ehf

Suðurlandsbraut 30
108 Reykjavík